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Most caravan and holiday parks offer some level of WiFi service for their residents.  However, with many sharing a common connection, demand at peak times is often not fast enough.  Sufficient bandwidth may not exist in order to meet the needs of both the holiday park business and its residents needs e.g. managing data, streaming movies and communicating with family, friends or work colleagues.

An added challenge can exist if your home is located away from the central office of the holiday park, where typically the signal is transmitted from.   If you are positioned behind dense vegetation, suffer from adverse weather conditions or other barriers that block the signal, you may be better off seeking an alternative, more robust solution.

Whilst you can try using your mobile network, many rural holiday parks find that not all phone networks have a sufficiently reliable signal or coverage.

The reason some internet providers struggle to offer a great service in hard to reach areas is that the infrastructure is limited or simply isn’t there.

However, if you require or rely on a guaranteed internet connection inside your holiday lodge or caravan, rest assured there are some considerations and options that deliver super-fast rural broadband right to your door.

Why is broadband slower in rural areas?

Holiday parks tend to be located in more rural areas along the coast or in areas of scenic interest.  In many cases that means that they’re often a greater distance from street cabinets and telephone exchanges.

1. Fibre optic is not available

Superfast internet refers to fibre optic cables that carry data in the form of light. The installation of fibre cables has been slower in rural areas than in more populated areas e.g. cities.

2. Copper phone lines are not as fast

Prior to the introduction of fibre optic, copper phone lines were the preferred choice for transmitting internet data to properties across the UK. Copper phone lines work well but can’t transfer data as quickly as fibre optic cables can.

3. Distance from street cabinets

In rural areas data has to travel further to reach its destination, which causes slower speeds. A single street cabinet may cover a much larger geographic area despite having the same number of telephone lines attached. This means that the line length to street cabinets tends to be much longer so you are likely to experience much slower fibre broadband speeds.

How to find a provider that specialises in Rural Areas

If you are based in a rural location that experiences poor internet connection it is worth speaking with a provider that specialises in connecting these remote areas.  Firstly, do your research but also consider, in advance, what speeds you require, what data packages would suit your (and your family’s) requirements and your budget.

Some options to consider include:

1. Fibre broadband

A high-speed, efficient and reliable option.

2. Mobile broadband running on a 4G or 5G network

If your area has good 4G or 5G coverage using this option you could connect using a mobile hotspot.  However, this option can use up your monthly data very quickly.

3. Satellite broadband using a satellite dish

The bonus is that you will not need a phone line for satellite broadband and in many cases, you will experience fast speeds.

4. Fixed wireless broadband via a mast and receiver

This works by using transmission masts (or poles) that house radios (typically situated at the office of the holiday park) that communicate to a smaller radio receiver at your home. Speeds can be fast with fixed wireless broadband.

At The WiFi Company, we have expertise in bringing broadband to holiday park residents in rural areas.  We install a small and neat mini-antenna that is fitted outside your holiday lodge or caravan.  Our one-off low-cost fixed install charge includes WiFi router, cabling, engineer time plus external antenna and all fittings that may be required – all that is left is for you to select the best package to meet your needs and your monthly subscription.

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