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It’s fair to say that no matter where you may be located access to a reliable WiFi connection, in today’s world, is paramount.  This applies equally is no different whether you are at home, in a restaurant, at a leisure centre or on holiday.  With many people now living as permanent residents in lodges on holiday parks or, as the trend is now in the UK holidaying ‘at home’ and staying at holiday parks, having internet access is essential.  Whether it’s for streaming movies, gaming, staying connected with friends and family, working remotely or simply ‘surfing’ access to the internet can be a key factor in deciding where to stay. 

If you’re thinking about buying a holiday lodge good WiFi will likely be high on your ‘must have’ list.  In many cases, there will be on-site shared internet access but what should be addressed is whether access will be sufficiently secure, reliable and fast enough for your (and your family’s) needs.  

In this blog, we take a closer look at what you can expect as a holiday park ‘resident’ and offer some thoughts on what to consider for short break stays and longer residential stays.   

Do most holiday parks have WiFi?

The short answer is yes. Most will offer free public WiFi. The service is pretty straightforward – you will be provided with login details and a password that allows immediate access.  

The downsides of public WiFi can be:

  • Reliability;
  • Security; and
  • Low speeds.

Public connections can be susceptible to security attacks due to the sheer number of people using the network in one area. If your device doesn’t have a sufficiently strong firewall at the time of access, then you’re putting your data/personal information at risk. The risk is enhanced if you’re sending out confidential information.  Slower speeds can also be a challenge due to excessive users on the network resulting in a loss of bandwidth leading to a slow network speed.

In some instances, however, the holiday park may not have free WiFi at all, or the signal might be too weak. This can happen when the site is busy with lots of guests using the WiFi or your pitch may be too far from the shared router or where there are trees and vegetation causing a barrier for the signal to get through.

In these situations, the best option is undoubtedly to have a dedicated WiFi connection fitted inside your holiday home or holiday lodge. 

How to install WiFi in your holiday home

Finding a trusted supplier that can offer a fully flexible WiFi plan suiting your specific requirements is the first step.  For permanent residents in holiday lodges the solution can be very straightforward.  

Key steps and considerations include:

  • Consider data usage required;
  • Find a trusted supplier;
  • Decide the optimal speed / required speed;
  • Fit the correct equipment;
  • Obtain a reliable connection;
  • Establish required coverage.

An external receiver (or antenna) is attached to your property and an internal router is installed with a dedicated log in and password. 

Why not speak with The WiFi Company as we will

  • Discuss your circumstances;
  • Understand your needs;
  • Offer options;
  • Recommend a solution and best package;
  • Implement and look after your requirements.

We offer a full installation service so no complicated set up – it’s all done for you!

Do you have WiFi but the Signal is Poor?

We can help! If you have a dedicated router in your holiday lodge but the signal is consistently poor a signal booster may be the answer.  

It looks a bit like an antenna and is either attached to the exterior of your property or plugged into a device. The booster wirelessly connects to your router and amplifies the signal into areas it can’t reach. 

Is Mi-Fi an option?

MiFi is a wireless router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot. This can be an interim solution and works well for people on the go or those that are on short-term stays at holiday parks where the mobile network signal is good. You can use MiFi anywhere you can connect to WiFi as it uses 4G and 5G mobile phone network signals and allows you to connect multiple devices while on site.  It’s not a long-term solution as it is reliant on a good mobile network signal and so for more remote areas where the signal can sometimes be poor it won’t work consistently for you.

How we can help

At The WiFi Company, we work with holiday parks and their residents to provide the best WiFi solution to keep connected. We will consult with you on what your requirements are and offer a solution with transparent pricing. Set up is straightforward and hey presto you will be back online in no time.  Why not drop us a line or phone us today to find out more and let’s get you connected!